Black Ice Tiff Viewer

Black Ice Tiff Viewer 13.27

View, print, scan, batch scan, upload to SharePoint, save to PDF, TIFF images

Black Ice Tiff Viewer is a program that allows you to view, print and edit TIFF images. The developer claims that Black Ice TIFF Viewer includes a browser plug-in that installs itself in your preferred browser when you install the program. However, the plug-in did not install into any of the browsers installed on my computer (Firefox 3.6, Internet Explorer 8, Opera 10.6, Google Chrome 8.0 and RockMelt 0.8.36).

The stand-alone version of this program can handle .TIFF, .JPG, .BMP, .FAX, .RAW and ASCII files. The program includes a "Thumbnail Browser", which will show thumbnails from the pictures contained in a folder. You can open a picture by double-clicking on its thumbnail. The Viewer includes a feature that allows you to acquire images from a scanner or a webcam. You can then save the acquired image using any of the supported formats. No matter where the image came from, the program will let you modify it by adding text, forms, colors, drawings, stamps and many other things.

You can use the free evaluation version of this program for fifteen days. After that, you can register the program to use it with no limitations, or switch to the free version, which has fewer features.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It allows you to open a bunch of image files


  • The browser plug-in does not work
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